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Deep dive into the Japan-South Korea rift


Fresh back from his latest visit to South Korea, Hiroshi Minegishi, Nikkei senior staff writer will be sharing his insights on Japan-South Korea relations with a focus on what the Moon regime aims to achieve and the future prospects for Northeast Asia. Minegishi has covered politics for over 20 years and served as the Nikkei Seoul Bureau Chief from 2015-2018.

After the presentation we will have a networking session where you can meet your fellow readers and our journalists.
Please RSVP by Thursday, September 19, to secure your seat.


英文メディア Nikkei Asian Reviewでは9月25日、講演会と読者とのMeetupイベントを開催します。Nikkei Asian Reviewの奥村茂三郎編集長のほか、日本経済新聞社前ソウル支局長の峯岸博編集委員兼論説委員が登壇。韓国駐在6年半の経験を持つコリア・ウオッチャーが文在寅(ムン・ジェイン)政権の内実を分析し、袋小路に陥った日韓関係や北東アジアの今後を展望します。講演終了後にはNikkei Asian Reviewの記者やエディターとの懇親会も開催いたします。ぜひご参加ください。



9月25日(水)Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Time 時間

19:00-21:15 (Doors open/開場: 18:30)

Venue 会場

Nikkei Tokyo Head Office, 6F Conference room
日本経済新聞社 本社ビル6F カンファレンスルーム

Tickets 定員

100 seats (first-come-first served basis)

  • Minegishi will be presenting in Japanese only. English interpretation will not be available
  • This event is exclusive to Nikkei Asian Review subscribers
  • Subscribers are welcome to be accompanied by up to one guest
  • Guests of subscribers are kindly requested to submit a business card at the reception
  • Guests must be accompanied by a subscriber who has registered



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  • ゲストは、お申し込みされた有料会員とお越しください

  • 講演は全て日本語で行います。英語の通訳はありません

Admission fee 受講料


Registration deadline 申し込み締め切り 

Thursday, September 19


Organizer 主催

Global Business Bureau, Nikkei Inc.


Inquiry お問い合わせ



18:30 Doors open 開場

19:00-19:15 Opening remarks オープニングセッション

Shigesaburo Okumura, Editor-in-chief, Nikkei Asian Review
奥村茂三郎 Nikkei Asian Review編集長 

19:15-20:00 “Deep dive into the Japan-South Korea rift” 講演「日韓の断層、どこへ行く文在寅政権」

Hiroshi Minegishi, Nikkei senior staff writer
峯岸博 日本経済新聞社編集委員兼論説委員

20:00-20:15 Q&A session 質疑応答

20:15-21:15 Networking  懇親会


Hiroshi Minegishi 峯岸博

Nikkei senior staff writer
日本経済新聞社 編集委員兼論説委員

Minegishi has covered politics for over 20 years and served as the Nikkei Seoul Bureau Chief from 2015~2018. He published his new book ”The Gap Between Japan and South Korea” in May.


Shigesaburo Okumura 奥村茂三郎

Editor-in-chief, Nikkei Asian Review
Nikkei Asian Review編集長

Okumura has more than a quarter century experience as a business and political journalist at The Nikkei. In 2011, he was nominated as the first Editor-in-chief of the Nikkei Asian Review. Before taking his current post in 2019, he was a liaison manager with the Financial Times.

1991年日本経済新聞社入社。経済部、パリ支局、政治部などを経て2011年、初代編集長としてThe Nikkei Asian Review創刊に携わる。FT事業室部長などを経て2019年4月、2回目の編集長に。

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